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Board Orientation & Development

Governance can be complex, and your board needs thoughtful support to perform well.

Boards are looking for better director education. WATSON takes the long view that looks beyond the traditional three-hour orientation and binder. We bring a proven approach to director development and board orientation that is rich in governance experience and expertise.  We help you broaden your perspective about good governance.  And, even when you only have three hours, we make sure those hours help you shift the dialogue in your board room.

Four Steps to Successful Board Development

  1. Assess Your Performance:  we always start big, looking at your governance as a whole.  We assess your board practices, policies and performance to uncover both the good and the bad.
  2. Build a Plan:  we make the complex simple.  We’ll tell it to you straight and build you a development plan to see you succeed over the long term.
  3. Develop Programs:  we develop customized workshops that hone in on the issues that matter.  Founded on WATSON’s three tenets of Governing with Intention™, we tailor each session for you – your board, your issues, your performance.
  4. Deliver Workshops and Education:  we bring our expertise right to your board room.  Our team of facilitators will help you change how you talk about governance.

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What We Look At 

Your Context

It all starts with context.  We examine how the statutory act, your by-laws and policies influence and guide your governance.

Board Roles and Responsibilities

Next, WATSON explores your board structure, from individual director duties to board size, composition, committees and roles and responsibilities.


Our team of governance advisors draws the board’s attention to the importance of good process.  We never underestimate the impact well-designed forward calendars, focused agendas and succinct briefing notes can have on your board’s performance.


Striking the right balance between organizational and board stewardship is tricky for almost every board.  WATSON highlights the difference between the board’s work and oversight of the organization.


Bottom line?  You’ll change your orientation towards good governance.

Start on the  path to good governance.

WATSON will guide your board and management team on the way to higher performance.

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