Boards are our business

Board Retreats & Meeting Facilitation

Gel your team, focus your vision, achieve results.

A well-run retreat will let your board share wisdom on strategic and governance issues, give feedback and direction, and consider objectives for the coming years. WATSON board retreat and meeting facilitation will help you create an inclusive environment, build creative energy, and make the most of your board’s time together.

How we do it

Your Input

We touch base with all of you – management and board members – to get to know your history, needs, nuances, and opportunities.

Agenda & Objectives

We work with you to draft an agenda, objectives, and identify pre-reading material.


We get the tough issues on the table. We facilitate from a neutral perspective, so you consider all points of view and reach thorough conclusions.  Rich dialogue and fierce conversations lead to better results.

Follow up

We chart your next steps, so you can take action.  WATSON’s support doesn’t stop at the end of the retreat.  Change can sometimes be challenging. We can help you every step along the way.

Bottom line? You make the most of your time together – and emerge with results.

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