Boards are our business

Board Evaluations

Do you really know how your board is doing? Looking for ways to prioritize how to improve your board’s performance? WATSON gets all the cards out on the (boardroom) table.

Every board needs regular evaluation.  We gather honest feedback from multiple stakeholders, facilitate meaningful discussion and help design a practical roadmap forward.  We help take your board from good to great.

What we evaluate

The People

How does the performance of your board chair, committee chairs and corporate secretary impact your board’s effectiveness?  Does the dynamic in the boardroom create the space for the conversations you need to have?

The Work

How does your board engage in its work, and how do you monitor progress? How do your committees support the board? How effectively does the board oversee and monitor the work of management?

The Alignment

How well do the board and management team work together to navigate the tricky line between governance and operations?  Does the relationship with management help or hinder directors’ ability to do their job?

A WATSON board evaluation delivers
  • A straightforward plan clarifying priorities and encouraging directors to reflect on the board’s performance and articulate honest feedback.
  • An unbiased perspective that elevates the conversation and strengthens relationships to help you get from good to great.
  • A customized and responsive process that is able to deal with emerging issues and political realities.
  • A clear succinct report that outlines challenges and pinpoints practical recommendations.
  • A meaningful, facilitated debrief that combines honest dialogue, best practice education and action planning.


Self Evaluation Can Be Powerful

If you value feedback but wish to bring your evaluation in house, we can help.  WATSON’s Board Self Assessment is perfect for boards that may be time-constrained or looking to complement their annual evaluation plans with an in-house option.  WATSON brings our quality and expertise.  You take the lead.


Bottom line? Your board will see its potential – and hold the roadmap to get there.

Let’s get evaluating

Boards are our business, and we’re eager to help yours.

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