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Just-In-Time Governance Consulting

A helpline, for when you need a little board-related support.

WATSON can advise you through the tricky governance issues facing your board – whether you’re a chair, a CEO, a corporate secretary or a director. Sometimes, you just know something is amiss, but you may not be able to identify the reason.  That’s where WATSON comes in.  We can help you pinpoint the underlying issues and develop a tailored plan.

Our team of governance and legal experts offer timely and confidential governance consulting and support when you need it most.

Who We Help


Whether a seasoned chair grappling with a tricky issue or an incoming chair, we will help you hone your chairmanship, prepare for your next meeting, improve the conversation around the table, and advance your organization’s goals.


Looking to improve the interaction between your management team and board? We can help you navigate the grey – and improve your organization’s performance.

Board Secretary

As a key support to your board, you help manage the board’s work and make sure board decisions translate into action. Your organization’s performance depends on you. Our support will set you up to excel.

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As we like to say, governance isn’t rocket science, but it isn’t always intuitive either.  New to the board? A seasoned director facing a tricky governance situation?  WATSON’s just-in-time support will ensure you have the answers you need when you need them the most.


Bottom line? More informed, stronger decisions, better performance.

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