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Governance Review

The biggest difference between a good board and a great board is intention. WATSON can help you find it.

Most people shudder at the word governance. But done right, governance elevates your organization.

At WATSON we take a broad view of governance.  We look at it all, highlight the issues and make the complex simple.  You will appreciate the straight-forward path we follow.  We:

  • assess your current governance framework
  • benchmark your organization against others in similar sectors to make sure your  framework serves your purpose
  • build a comprehensive gap analysis
  • develop a clear roadmap so everyone is pulling in the same direction and driving towards the same goals

Done well, your new governance framework will shift your board’s dialogue, dynamics and performance.

What We Look At


Why does your organization exist? What are you trying to achieve?


What is your context?  How does the statutory act and your by-laws influence and guide your governance?

Practices and Policies

What are your board’s practices and supporting polices? Do they add value, or are they a burden?


Is your board’s structure built to support your purpose?


Is your board doing the real work of the board?  Are you adding value to the management team?

Individual Contributions

What is your role as an individual board member?  How can you improve your game?

Group Dynamics

Does your culture align with your organization’s values? Do your directors work together as an effective team?


Do you have clear goals? Are measures in place to know when you reach success?

How we do it

We Know Governance

WATSON is at the top of our field; our knowledge is current and we are at the forefront of emerging trends. People seek our expertise on corporate governance in Canada.

We Know You

Every organization is unique, so we’ll build a practical foundation specific to you.  Our analysis is thorough, from our document review and meeting observation to board surveys and how we professionally engage your stakeholders.  WATSON pays deep attention to the details – it’s the lawyer in us.

We Deliver

We pinpoint the challenges and provide solutions that address your board’s structure and operating environment.  We create clarity around the ‘rules’ that help a board know who does what and how they are accountable.  WATSON gets your board performing to its maximum potential.

We Stay the Course

WATSON helps you chart new direction in your governance reform.  We work side-by-side with your board to develop a well-defined communication strategy and consultative papers.


Bottom line?  Every decision you make will be driven by purpose.

Let’s Get to Work

Are you ready to get your governance framework in shape? We are.

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