Boards are our business

Board Succession Planning

Contrary to popular belief, you have a hand in your board’s renewal.

We have seen good boards throw up their hands and accept whomever steps forward.  We have seen these same boards become great when they consciously design their succession plan.  WATSON can guide your planning so you build a diverse, strong and balanced board.

WATSON will:

  • Assess your current board, articulate your future needs
  • Build a board matrix beyond the usual skills.  We focus on Character, Competency and Commitment
  • Guide your Nominating Committee to develop the processes and practices to build a diverse board
  • Help you look beyond the usual suspects.  Our network runs deep in the Canadian director community.  Visit Director Recruitment. 

Bottom line?  You will harness the power of diversity.

Let’s Leave Nothing to Chance

We are here to help you build the board you need.

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