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Governance, one size does not fit all

So what is good governance? It’s our business to know – and we’ll share our experience with you.

WATSON’s Governance Academy offers boards, directors, and management the governance education they need to improve board performance and up their game. Honed from years of advising organizations across all sectors, our programs challenge traditional governance thinking.  They are engaging, informative and practical.  We’ve got a lot more adjectives that describe WATSON governance education.  Boring isn’t one of them.

Custom Courses for Boards

1 and 2 day courses customized to your board of directors, your challenges, and brought right to your boardroom

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The Coffee Series

Curated conversations on all things governance. Hear from a WATSON expert and discuss emerging governance matters all before 10 AM.

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The Story behind the WATSON Academy

Over the last decade, there has been an explosion of research and thinking on what constitutes good governance. Today, organizations can turn to a well-defined set of standards, structures and practices. Yet, governance continues to evolve. As directors across boardrooms can attest, each organization comes with its own challenges and the answers aren’t always black and white.

WATSON advisors are witnessing first hand how boards are trying to navigate the many grey areas of governance. Many are shifting their practices – from re-evaluating their size and composition to consciously reviewing their approach to governance to better the organization. Individuals are asking how they can bring more to their role as directors and are motivated to design their board’s culture. This renewed focus on governance and greater awareness of the need to govern well, also has boards and directors looking for new ways of learning.

In our advisory work across all sectors, WATSON has seen a gap in governance education. We see the need for accessible, practical programs that address the common challenges and questions we come across each day. We also know that when it comes to governance, one size does not fit all. And it’s from that up-front, current day and nuanced perspective that the WATSON Academy curriculum was developed.

At WATSON, we see the power of intentional governance every day and the positive impact it generates across organizations. The WATSON Governance Academy was created to help directors and management make that positive impact happen within their own organizations. Govern with intention. It starts with you. It happens here.

Governance training like no other

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