Building a 
Strong Board

Do you have the right Directors to shape your organization’s future?

When you have the right leaders around the boardroom table, you are more likely to chart the right path forward.  We support your Board in finding Directors, planning for succession and renewal, and ensuring your Board’s composition is fit for the future.

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Director Search

In today’s world, it’s not hard to find a Director. The challenge is finding an exceptional one who adds value to your Board. To your search, we bring a deeper appreciation of Director effectiveness, your Board’s dynamics, and how a diversity of perspectives and work styles can improve Board decision-making. With a proprietary competency framework for high performing Directors and a process designed to mitigate unintentional bias, we ensure your next Director makes your team stronger.

For when your Board is asking...
  • How will we onboard new Directors?
  • What’s the best process for our Nominating Committee?
  • How can we find more diverse Director candidates?

Board Renewal

Board renewal can be a sensitive topic, but it’s crucial to maintaining a strong Board.  An intentional approach to renewal balances continuity with fresh skills and perspectives to serve your organization’s future. Whether it’s figuring out who will succeed your current Chair or planning for retirement of Board members, we work with you to proactively refresh your Board, its leadership, and its culture.

For when your Board is asking...
  • How will we select our next Board Chair?
  • What new skills and experience do we need for the future?
  • How will we fill upcoming vacancies?

Board Composition

When your business changes, so should the shape and makeup of your Board. We help you understand the Board composition you need to face the future, from its size, to who is eligible to serve, to the combination of diversity, personal attributes, skills, experience, and leadership capacity required.

For when your Board is asking...
  • What shape will our Board take post-merger?
  • Do we need more independent Directors?
  • Is our Director skills matrix keeping up with critical issues and changes in our business?

When it comes to your Board, everything is connected.

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