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WATSON The Chair Suite (November 2020 - June 2021)

The Chair Suite

Today, the chair’s job is more challenging than ever, and there is no playbook. A lot is riding on you. As the chair, you set the foundation for effective board performance and, ultimately, organizational success.

Let WATSON’s Chair Suite help you:

  • Set the right tone at the top
  • Elevate your board’s performance
  • Stay abreast of leading governance practices

The challenges facing chairs are unique and best understood by, and shared with, other chairs. WATSON’s Chair Suite provides a confidential venue for you to do just that, to share experiences and uncover ways to optimize your personal contribution and elevate your board’s performance.

Tackling real-life issues making the news and impacting boards, a WATSON governance expert will moderate this one-of-a-kind program that brings chairs together to leverage the collective knowledge around the table. Our facilitated approach allows frank and open peer exchange of real boardroom challenges. Tools, proven techniques, and WATSON’s expertise ensures you make use of leading practices as a chair and provide real value for the organizations you help govern.

This is not theory; this is real life.

Price: C$7995.00


Available Spaces: Unlimited

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That’s why organizations from across Canada trust us to help them establish and improve their practices and processes, conduct board, director and CEO evaluations, educate their boards and management teams, plan for board and CEO succession and recruit high performing directors and executives.


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