Evolving Governance

Is there a more effective way to govern?

When your governance is intentionally designed to support your organization and its purpose, you can elevate performance. We advise your Board to ensure your governance is fit-for-purpose, and craft tailored structures and practices to make it more effective.

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Governance Review

Whether there’s been a merger, your strategy has shifted, or it’s simply time to re-assess, it’s valuable to consider whether your governance model is serving you – or potentially hampering your progress. A Governance Review incorporates extensive consultation, benchmarking, and a thorough review of written and unwritten conventions to determine whether you have exactly the underlying governance framework you need. The result is often a refreshed governance model, supporting structures, and improved practices to advance your organization’s purpose well into the future.

For when your Board is asking...
  • Is our current governance framework appropriate for where our organization is headed?
  • Does our Board have the right structure?
  • Do we need to review longstanding practices and foundational documents?

Structures & Practices

Where some see administrative procedures, we see nuanced opportunities to unlock Board dynamics and effectiveness. From your Board’s structure to committee mandates, meeting agendas, and the exact wording of Board policies, we offer you the legal and organizational prowess to make practical changes that can elevate performance and mitigate risk, for both your Board and your organization.

For when your Board is asking...
  • How might we shift our committee structure and mandates to better support our Board?
  • How can our pre-reading materials provide a better foundation for discussion?
  • What small steps can we take to ensure more productive meetings?

When it comes to your Board, everything is connected.

Let’s talk governance.