Clients & Case Studies

Over 20 years, we’ve served more than 500 organizations of every shape, stripe, and size, engaging with thousands of leaders along the way. While each Director, Founder, and Board is unique, they often share similar challenges.

Who We’ve Worked With

Our ability to bring actionable, tailored advice comes from the breadth of clients we serve, including:
• publicly listed corporations
• employee-owned companies
• colleges and universities
• member-based associations
• government agencies
• privately held and family enterprises
• charitable organizations
• co-operatives
• professional regulators
• Crown corporations
Here are some of the organizations we are proud to have worked with.
Yukon Energy Corporation

“Watson really took the time to first understand the nuances of our organization, the culture of the board and the context of the North before they proceeded to approach candidates with the required skills. Because of Liz’s expertise and her ability to effectively bridge the disciplines of recruiting, evaluation, and governance, she was able to understand the bigger picture of what we were seeking and helped us bring on four individuals that have positively contributed to our Board.”

Greater Vancouver REALTORS®

“What sets Watson apart is that they take the time to ensure the process adds value to the Board in the most efficient and productive way possible. They are careful to highlight potentially sensitive issues with the President prior to the delivery of reports and coach the President on how to deliver feedback, including sensitive feedback, in a constructive and respectful way.”

Heart & Stroke Foundation of Canada

“Reflecting on our work with Watson, they have demonstrated themselves as trusted Board advisors, guiding us through complex issues while bringing practical, actionable insights tailored to our situation. The impact is enormous and I would highly recommend Watson to any Board seeking to elevate its impact.”

Case Studies

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Building Shared Understanding and Alignment on the Board of a National Not-for-Profit

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