Achieving Alignment & The Right Level of Board Engagement

Is your Board on the same page?

Achieving alignment and engagement can mean the difference between when your Board feels stuck and when it works judiciously and efficiently. We help your Board gain alignment and engage at the right level with management to effectively move key issues forward.

Strategic Facilitation

Your organization’s success depends on your Board aligning on key issues and choosing the right strategy. We help your Board and management team confront high stakes issues facing your organization, engage in the right conversations to explore data, assumptions, options and ideas, and develop an actionable path forward.

For when your Board is asking ...
  • How do we get the most out of our Board strategy discussions?
  • Are we addressing the most important issues facing our Board?
  • Can we align on how best to move forward?

Board Education and Coaching

Achieving the right level of Board engagement starts with an effective Chair and Directors who understand their roles and how best to contribute. Through onboarding, education, and ongoing coaching that is hands-on, practice-based, and dialogue-driven, we equip your Chair and Directors with the tools and insight they need to be effective and gain the greatest value from their peers. We also help your Board get up to speed on rapidly evolving areas of governance.

For when your Board is asking ...
  • Do incoming Directors have the knowledge they need?
  • Do our Board members understand their roles and responsibilities?
  • Are we properly prepared for emerging issues the Board needs to oversee?

When it comes to your Board, everything is connected.

Get your Board focused.