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Advisory Services

When we work with you, things change

Boards need expert advisors. We just happen to be the governance experts.

WATSON’s advisory services stand out for two reasons: we know governance, and we (get to) know you. When that knowledge comes together, magic happens. Your organization performs better.

How we can help

Governance Reviews

Your governance framework needs to serve your purpose effectively.  WATSON will ensure you have the right governance practices in place for your organization’s size, sector and complexities.  We can help you chart a new direction.
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Board Orientation

Set your directors off on the right path.  Starting with a thorough assessment of your governance, WATSON develops long-term director development and education plans, builds tailored programs and delivers customized workshops – your needs, your schedule, your boardroom.
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Board Succession Planning

Diverse skills, experience and opinion makes all the difference in the boardroom. WATSON guides the conversation around your board’s future needs to ensure the board has a well thought out plan and diversity of leadership.
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CEO Succession Planning

CEO succession planning doesn’t have to be uncomfortable.  WATSON can help the board and CEO develop transparent, thorough plans that ensure your organization has the right leadership for the short-term emergency and long-term strategic growth.
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Board Retreats & Meeting Facilitation

Create an inclusive environment, build creative energy, and make the most of your board’s time together.  WATSON’s team of facilitators engages everyone in the room to help you shift the conversation to the issues that matter.
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Policy Drafting

Governance is not a f#@r letter word.  WATSON develops governance frameworks and documents that are clear, practical and easy to use.  You can expect straight talk and expert advice.
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Just-In-Time Governance Advice

Whether you’re a chair, a CEO, a director or a corporate secretary, WATSON will advise you on governance issues facing your board. Our experts offer timely and confidential support when you need it most.
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Our knowledge is current.  Our team of legal and governance advisors constantly research best practices in governance in Canada, the U.S., the U.K., Australia and Europe.  We dig deep into the world of governance to make sure you get the right advice for your organization.

Boards are our business.

Getting to the Issues

Our team is in high demand as trusted advisors and has earned a reputation for understanding our clients’ unique context, putting the issues on the table and not shying away from the tough questions.

Customized to You

You are unique and your board deserves tailored support.  WATSON puts together a specific team to work with you, with relevant sector and issue experience. They interview you, observe your meetings, read your materials, get your history, experience your culture, and immerse themselves in your organization.

We will know you, through and through.

Let’s make governance matter

Find out how to step up your board’s game.

Contact us today.  We are ready to help.