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CEO Performance
Step up your organization’s game

Your most valuable player? Your CEO.

Hiring, developing and transitioning the CEO is the board’s most important and challenging responsibility. Great boards devote the right time and resources to this critical work, and leave nothing to chance.

Achieving the highest performing CEO now and in the future is the result of three well-orchestrated investments in leadership.

CEO Evaluation

How does your entire board view the CEO’s performance? WATSON helps your board get a clear picture of your chief executive’s effectiveness, clarify expectations, and deliver meaningful developmental feedback.

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CEO Succession

CEO succession planning doesn’t have to be uncomfortable. WATSON can help the board have the right discussions and take the necessary steps wherever you are in the life cycle of your CEO.

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CEO Accelerator

You have just appointed a new CEO who is ready to step into their new role. Phew! The Board feels like it’s done its job well, but the make-or-break work is just starting. You are not really done until the new CEO is up to speed and successfully over the early road bumps. A WATSON advisor can accelerate your new CEO up the learning curve.

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On-Call Expertise

There may be times when your board is facing a tricky situation and needs expert advice. You may not need WATSON’s full support to hire, evaluate or transition your CEO to higher performance, but you are smart enough to know the value of unbiased, deep advice. We understand the importance of getting confidential advice when you need it most. That’s why we invite you to contact us.


We know boards

Boards are our business. In fact, working with boards is all we do. We understand the board-CEO relationship and can help both parties navigate these tricky waters.





We are talent experts

We bring years of experience in the assessment and development of senior executives. We can see through the clutter and get to the heart of the issues.

We work for the board, but we also understand and serve the needs of the CEO. Being an outside independent consultant, people open up and talk to us. We are the honest broker who puts all the pieces together.

We are informed

Our governance advisors constantly monitor leading practices across sectors and apply this knowledge to every aspect of our CEO Performance practice.

We are discreet

Of course we hold all information about your organization in strict confidence. We are very careful about holding the confidences of all individuals we talk with while finding appropriate ways to share important information without ever putting confidentiality at risk. And some things we never disclose. Clients trust we will use our discretion and do the right thing.

Bottom line: Keep your CEO performing at the top of their game.

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