Boards are our business


WATSON has observed the work of boards at hundreds of different organizations.  

The best of them share three governance game-changers, which together we call Governing with Intention™:

  1. Purpose – Governance is directly connected to purpose. To govern with intention, a board understands its most important goal is to ensure the organization is successful. This is proper board orientation.
  2. Belief – On boards who govern well, every person involved shares an underlying belief that effective governance has a direct and positive affect on the success of the organization.
  3. Design – Boards are shifting their perspective from ‘best practice’ to the ‘right practice at the right time’ and consciously designing their processes, practices and framework with the organization’s success in mind.

WATSON brings a trusted partner to your board.  We are your always-on source of expert governance knowledge, advice and support.

The WATSON Difference


When you bring WATSON to the table, you get a team of expert, on-call legal and governance advisors.


We offer unbiased advice. WATSON listens and responds to the diversity of thoughts and opinions around the table, gaining equal confidence from directors, management, and staff.


WATSON can figure out what you need before you do (we’re guided by experience), and we act on it.  We put our judgment to work for you – evaluating and weighing inputs and impacts to guide you to stronger decision-making.


We care about your board’s success.  Our team is always available to you. Calm under pressure with no service gap in sight.

Top 3 reasons you’ll want to work with WATSON
  1. We deliver results; organizations are better equipped than before we arrived.
  2. We bridge your unique organizational context with our governance experience to create a practical foundation for success.
  3. We’re at the forefront of emerging trends and our team is at the top of their game.

“In 2001, the only significant course in governance in North America being offered was at Harvard. So there I was at the course, and Enron hit the papers. I felt compelled to better the quality of governance in organizations from all sectors – it’s been WATSON’s mission ever since.”

– Liz Watson, Founder

Our governance roots run deep.

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