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Tovi Sanhedrai

Tovi Sanhedrai is an Analyst at WATSON. She supports all aspects of a project including project management, logistics, and administration. She works closely in the Advisory and Leadership and Performance practices but also does operational work for the firm as a whole.

Tovi holds a Bachelor of Arts in Geography with a specialization in Environment and Sustainability from the University of British Columbia. Which is an interdisciplinary and justice-focused degree approached with issues like climate change, and biodiversity loss through both a local and global lens. During, her undergrad she had the opportunity to work with community and campus partners to further the development of sustainable practices at UBC and the greater Vancouver community.

Prior to WATSON and while obtaining her undergraduate degree, Tovi worked with UBC Sororities, one of the largest student-led organizations. She is currently the main Advisor and helps guide UBC Sororities’ undergraduate council, manages its annual recruitment drive and various stakeholder relationships. 

When not at WATSON, Tovi is a lifeguard and swimming instructor in West Vancouver.


Tovi Sanhedrai

Direct: 604 283 6559