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Director Evaluations

Who knows best how your board members are performing?  Board members.

Great directors never stop growing. How do you fuel steady, high-quality growth? Feedback – from the people who know how you operate. WATSON’s director evaluations invite directors to be their best by giving them access to real feedback from their peers.

A director evaluation delivers
  1. Directors with honest feedback regarding their performance as a member of the board.
  2. Information to set up meaningful conversations between the board Chair and each director about their board contribution and developmental goals.
  3. The board with an opportunity to collect intelligence on board competencies and gaps.
  4. Opportunities for the board to identify the trends, education and recruitment needs.
What we evaluate
  • Skill sets and competencies critical for board success
  • Alignment with organizational and board values
  • Contribution and engagement
  • Areas of improvement and development
  • A holistic picture of board competencies and gaps


Bottom line? Your board performs better – one director at a time.

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