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Board Director Recruitment

Harness the power of diversity, and realize your board’s potential.

WATSON knows the attributes of a solid and value-creating director from our years of advising and evaluating directors.  We reach deep into the director community across Canada to find a diverse and talented group of candidates fit for your board.

How we do it
Understand your needs

Our board director recruitment process starts with us reviewing your strategy, risks, challenges, and how the board of directors is expected to add value.  We’ll be honest and pinpoint any skill gaps.  We ensure both you and WATSON have a clear understanding of the present status, vision and future opportunities.

Expand the Definition of Diversity

We help you create a board matrix that looks beyond the traditional skills.  WATSON pays deep attention to Character, Competency and Commitment. We make sure you articulate the values and fit that are fundamental to every director appointment.

Develop a Recruitment Brief

WATSON prepares a recruitment brief that outlines the key attributes of the board’s work, and the expectations of individual directors and the specific recruitment profile.

Source candidates

The WATSON search team identifies a long list of potential candidates to fill vacancies and shares their backgrounds with you.


From the long list, WATSON works with you to identify preferred candidates.  We connect with them and evaluate their background and past performance to discover just who they are.

Candidate Dialogue

We manage the ongoing discussions with potential candidates.  WATSON is known for setting clear expectations and keeping communications open to make sure there are no surprises along the way.


You need to ask all the right questions before making your decision.  WATSON ensures you are prepared.

Onboarding & Follow-up

We help you develop and implement a board onboarding program. We’ll also follow up regularly with you and your director, to help with the transition and offer support.


Bottom line? You’ll assemble a diverse and talented board.

Let’s get looking

We’re ready to recruit your next director.

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