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CEO Accelerator

Every new CEO has a steep learning curve.

And every new CEO has different things to learn to be successful in the role. Accelerate your CEO’s performance with a well-crafted transition program. WATSON goes beyond a first 90-day to-do list. We believe the best transitions include self-awareness, listening, briefings, learning and relationship building. Working in concert with the board, the outgoing CEO and the incoming CEO, the WATSON transition advisor puts together a suite of services tailored to your board and your CEO.

Everyone has good intentions to support a new CEO’s transition, but everyone gets busy and it falls by the wayside. We put our experience to work for you and anticipate the new CEO’s needs. WATSON’s advisors help keep it on course.

The Accelerator Value
  • Understand the organizational ecosystem
  • Identify and avoid the pitfalls
  • Get key relationships off to a good start
  • Bolster, not burden the board-CEO relationship
  • Feel more confident
  • Graciously take the reins from the outgoing CEO
  • Establish their own leadership style and values
  • Infuse a new culture while honouring the past
  • Be ready sooner to chart the new course
Sample Modules
  • Governance 101 – How to work with your board
  • CEO SWOT – Understanding the strengths and gaps a new CEO brings to the role
  • Business Deep Dive – Accelerating business and strategy acumen
  • Building Bridges – Getting to know the key players inside and outside the organization
  • Taking the Helm – Assessing, selecting and forging a cohesive executive team
  • Coping with the Demands – Managing the unique pressures of being the CEO
  • Year 1 Plan – Prioritizing what to tackle in the first year
  • Performance Check In – Collecting feedback on the new CEO’s performance at the end of the first 12-18 months

Get started with CEO Accelerator as soon as you select the next successor. Together, we make good use of those precious weeks or months before your CEO takes on the full weight of their chief executive role.

Bottom line: Your new CEO will get better traction.

Fast track your CEO’s success.

WATSON transition advisors are standing by.