Boards are our business

Director Nominee Evaluation

Member-based organizations across Canada are changing their nominations and election processes for the better.

Good governance is grounded in solid practices and processes, but great governance depends on having the right people around the table. WATSON crafts tailored support to guide boards of co-operatives and other member-based organizations towards more effective governance, stronger renewal and sustainability.

How we do it


To find the right candidate you sometimes have to read between the lines.  WATSON will screen resumes from all qualified candidates and let you know how they rank based on industry knowledge, experience and skills.

Interviews and Reference Checking

Working with a refined list, WATSON interviews candidates to objectively assess and evaluate for character, competency and commitment.  We are hyper-vigilant about due diligence (it’s the lawyer in us).  We check multiple references and validate each candidate’s credentials.


We deliver results.  We provide the board and Nomination Committee with a fulsome, unbiased report with clear recommendations.


Bottom line?  You will find the leadership within.

Let’s bring your talent to the table.

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