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Bring issues to the classroom. Bring solutions back to the boardroom.

Whether a new board looking to establish good governance or a seasoned board wishing to update your practices and enhance your performance, WATSON offers customized governance education. Our sessions are tailored to you and the challenges facing your board. It’s learning for you, about you, on your schedule, on your issues – helping you bring top performance to your boardroom.

How we do it

When you choose customized education, WATSON’s Academy team works with you to ensure that the timing, the team, the process and the content are tailored to your specific needs. Working with your schedule we deliver a session that fits with the board’s calendar.

Prior to every customized session, WATSON embarks on a three-step process to ensure we fully understand the nuances of your organization, your board and your governance practices.

  1. A review – key governance documents such as your board manual, by-laws and most recent strategic plans.
  2. Stakeholder feedback – surveying all directors and select members of the management team to understand the issues you feel your board needs to address. We interview two to three directors and the CEO to get a sense of the cultural nuances around your board table.
  3. Tailor the program – adjusting the agenda, the pace and the depth of specific topics to meet your board’s needs. We handpick our facilitation team based on their experience with similar organizations.

Bottom line?  Your entire board is better together.

Bring it home

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