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Executive Search

Nothing is more important for an organization than leadership.

WATSON’s full service executive search helps organizations define the role, identify and evaluate candidates, support the board’s decision and onboard your leaders.

How we do it

Understand Your Needs

To find the right leadership, you need to know exactly what right looks like. WATSON always starts by getting to know your requirements, your organization, your culture, and all the little details that matter. We’ll help you define what success looks like today and tomorrow.

Develop a Position Profile

Next, we validate our understanding with your Search Committee, and prepare a recruitment brief and position profile before we introduce the mandate to WATSON’s network and potential candidates.

Target Candidates

We look beyond the usual suspects.  Our team develops a list of relevant candidate pools – places where individuals with the required experience and leadership characteristics are likely to be currently working. WATSON confidentially finds candidates, targets them, and builds candidate interest.

Identify, Screen & Evaluate

We take the time to talk to prospective candidates. WATSON makes sure each candidate has the right qualifications and strong interest.  We make sure you never waste your time.  Working with your Search Committee, we also develop a process to appropriately evaluate candidates.

Offer & Negotiation

Once the Search Committee has selected a finalist candidate, WATSON bridges the negotiation between you and the candidate to finalize the terms of engagement.

Onboarding & Follow-up

We don’t stop once your leadership is in place.  We follow up regularly with you and your new executive, to help with the transition and provide executive onboarding support.


Bottom line? You can rest assured your leadership will make a difference.

Let’s get looking

We’re ready to recruit your next leader.

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