Boards are our business

Evaluation Services

Realize your board’s potential.

Leaders need honest feedback. It’s the first step on the road to top performance.

Evaluating board, director and CEO performance and effectiveness are critical board exercises.  Yet when asked, directors commonly report that evaluations are rarely done well, if done at all.  WATSON’s track record is the exception.

What we evaluate

Board Evaluations

WATSON gathers honest feedback from multiple stakeholders, facilitates meaningful discussion and helps design a practical roadmap forward.  You will be equipped to take your board from good to great.

CEO Evaluations

How does your entire board view the CEO’s performance?  WATSON will help your board get a clear picture of your chief executive’s effectiveness, clarify expectations and deliver solid developmental feedback.

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Director Evaluations

Your board only comes together a few times a year.  How do you make the hours count? WATSON will help your directors get the feedback they need to make their finest contributions to your board.

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Boards are our business.  Our governance advisors constantly monitor leading practice across sectors and apply this knowledge to all evaluation services we provide.


Director and board feedback can be sensitive and the process needs to fit into your specific context.  WATSON is thoughtful and deliberate, from the way we match our team to your board and industry, to the way we share information with you.


With over 10 years experience conducting evaluation with boards across Canada, WATSON gets to the core of the issues.  We understand the impact better conversations have on board performance.


We make the most of our time with you. We’ve done our homework and come prepared.

Let’s take that first step

And get you and your board on the road to top performance.

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