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Watson May 30, 2024

Enhancing Board Effectiveness: A Layered Approach to Governance

You may have noticed a few changes to our look and feel over the past few months at Watson – we’

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Watson Dec 02, 2019
The Inclusive Boardroom

Step inside a boardroom in 2019 and you’re likely to hear the diversity buzz – we don’t have it, we

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Watson Nov 25, 2019
The Purpose Driven Director (Pt 2)

Part 2 – The Purpose Driven Series The relationship between business purpose and social purpose is getting serious. The traditional focus on

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Watson Nov 18, 2019
2019 Was the Year of Purpose. Will 2020 Bring Balance? (Pt 1)

Part 1 – The Purpose Driven Series In 2019, purpose is paramount. The tug of war between purpose and profit has evolved into

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Watson Nov 14, 2019
10 Tips When Building an Effective Advisory Board

Unlike corporate boards, advisory boards have no fiduciary responsibility and their advice is non-binding. Some are hands-on, meeting monthly or

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Watson Nov 01, 2019
Is your Board Accountable?

By: Rachel O’Connor, Practice Lead, Performance and Leadership Boards often struggle with how to do justice to their role

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Watson Oct 28, 2019
CEO Evaluation: Inspiration for Great Conversations (pt 3)

DEMYSTIFYING DEBRIEFS — Part 3 It’s time for the CEO debrief and both sides are dreading the conversation – but not for

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Watson Oct 21, 2019
CEO Evaluation: What Does a Great Conversation Look Like? (PT 2)

DEMYSTIFYING DEBRIEFS — Part 2 The meeting is booked, invites are sent, and the CEO evaluation report is in the CEO’s

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Watson Oct 10, 2019
CEO Evaluation: Conversations with Real Impact (PT 1)

DEMYSTIFYING DEBRIEFS — Part 1 It’s that time of year again – the annual CEO performance review – and the board is stepping

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Watson Oct 04, 2019
Draw on Strengths of Family Business Governance

Good governance is always important. But add family relationships to the dynamic around the table and you might just see

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