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Watson May 30, 2024

Enhancing Board Effectiveness: A Layered Approach to Governance

You may have noticed a few changes to our look and feel over the past few months at Watson – we’

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Watson Jun 17, 2018
Are you ready for a Director Evaluation (PT 1)

Part 1 of WATSON’s 3-part Year of the Peer series This may not be your year, no matter how much

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Watson May 16, 2018
Defy the Odds of Family Business Succession

24/7 connectivity makes it almost impossible to leave work at the office. Now imagine the challenge of trying to distance work

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Watson May 02, 2018
Board Packages you Want to Receive

She held her breath as she pressed download on the board portal. How many different documents would it be this

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Watson Mar 15, 2018
Dust off your Matrix Skills

Elevate the board. Get out of the weeds. Raise your perspective. For years, governance experts have been chanting these mantras

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Watson Feb 01, 2018
(#3) Leadership Lessons from the Intentional Chair

February 1, 2018 Letter #3 Dear Chair, Every board is unique. Sector, organization, strategy and directors around the table guarantee no two boards

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Watson Jan 24, 2018
Timing is Everything: Seven factors effective CEO transition timing

In the world of CEO succession planning, timing is everything. Unless your board is clairvoyant, pinpointing the perfect moment to

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Watson Dec 07, 2017
(#1) Chair is an Action, Not a Position

December 7, 2017 Letter #1 Dear Chair, Chair is an action, not a position. Whether you’re a first-time chair or a seasoned

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Watson Dec 05, 2017
Principles of Good Governance

Liz spoke to the Women’s Leadership Circle on Oct. 11 about ‘The Principles of Good Governance.’ The event was hosted

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Watson Nov 22, 2017
Desperately Seeking Commitment: Expectations of the Board in Chair Succession Planning

The mere mention of chair succession can silence even the most progressive boardroom. Uncomfortable broaching this delicate topic, many boards

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