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Watson May 30, 2024

Enhancing Board Effectiveness: A Layered Approach to Governance

You may have noticed a few changes to our look and feel over the past few months at Watson – we’

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Watson Nov 08, 2017
In the Shadow of Weinstein Woes: How Boards Should Be Thinking About Sexual Harassment

“How should directors respond to the recent high profile cases of sexual harassment cases in the workplace?” The spectre of

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Watson May 23, 2017
Westview Executive Search Merges with WATSON Advisors Inc.

  Abbotsford BC — Barb Schimnowsky is pleased to announce the merger of Westview Executive Search Ltd. and WATSON Advisors Inc.

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Watson Jan 29, 2016
Managing the Risk of CEO Transition

CEO transition is a high-risk game. Business journals are full of statistics of new CEOs who are hired with enthusiasm

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Watson Jan 13, 2016
Why an engaged Board is a powerful Board (Watson's 5 tips for building a better board)

How would you describe your board? Are they engaged in their work and a valuable asset to your organization? Or

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Watson Nov 26, 2015
Three Keys to Strategic Planning

Liz Watson QC joins the panel at the 2015 BC School Trustees Association Winter Academy to talk about Strategic Planning:  How

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Watson Nov 24, 2015
An Effective Board - 5 steps to stronger renewal

Teresa Budd addresses the role of the board, individual directors, in-house legal council and corporate secretaries at the Continuing Legal

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Watson Nov 18, 2015
CEO Evaluation

The greatest leaders are also passionate learners. Great leaders are open to feedback and continually incorporate learning into every aspect

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Watson Oct 26, 2015
Duties and Responsibilities of Directors for NFP organizations (Fourth Ed. by WATSON)

Duties and Responsibilities of Directors of Not-for-Profit Organizations  is recognized as essential reading for individuals who sit on not-for-profit boards

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Watson Jun 23, 2015
20 Q's - Building and Sustaining an effective board by Liz Watson

Are you currently serving on a board? Thinking about accepting a directorship? Or interested in learning more about what such

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