Sid Hathiramani

Chief Operating Officer

Sid sees his role as enabling Watson to thrive, by supporting key areas such as marketing, finance, talent, and information technology. Originally starting in public accounting with a Big 4 firm, Sid quickly gravitated towards using his financial acumen to support strategy and better decision-making. His experience spans over 15 years, across large, publicly traded companies to privately held businesses, and includes consumer packed goods, logistics and transportation, and professional services industries.

What I've learned:

"Even though I’ve had exposure to boards previously, I didn’t really understand how they worked. it has been fascinating to peel back the layers on what contributes to a well-functioning board, the individual and group dynamics at play, and the importance of trust and relationships between stakeholders."

Favourite Place to Look for Answers

"Our team! They are such a wealth of knowledge that bring diverse experiences and perspectives to solve any problem."

Reason for doing this work

"When I joined Watson, I was drawn to the consistent high praise for the impactful work our team does, the ever-growing importance of guiding boards to shape bright futures for their organizations and the communities they support, and the purpose-driven culture that the team embodies. I continue to be reminded of these things every day that I am here!"

Experience and Credentials

  • Sid graduated from Queen’s University with a B. Comm in 2008, and obtained his CPA, CA designation in 2011
  • Prior to joining Watson, Sid worked in progressive finance roles in consumer-packaged goods and transportation industries. After working at professional service firms in leadership roles, he joined Watson in September 2022

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