Patricia Stempin


With a combination of legal and project management background, Patricia works as a project analyst at Watson, where she supports all phases of the projects. She is involved from the early stages, doing preliminary research, setting clear expectations, organizing roles, responsibilities and timelines, and making sure the project runs smoothly. She also works on client deliverables development, drafting and analyzing surveys and interviews, presentations, and reports.

Reason for doing this work

"I'm passionate about processes and working with people, and to deliver excellence in our work"

What I've learned

"The deep impact of our work, on Boards and organizations, and therefore in the community"

Best question

"How we are helping this client to improve?"

Experience and Credentials

  • Law Degree from a top-rated University in Argentina (Universidad Nacional Córdoba)
  • Project Management Associate Certificate at BCIT
  • Certified Associate in Project Management from the Project Management Institute in 2021
  • Joined Watson in March 2021
  • Volunteer legal assistant in CECOPAL, a not for profit organization in Cordoba, Argentina
  • Worked as a lawyer specializing in labor law and tort law

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