Hannah Magus


Hannah brings a dynamic perspective to her role as an Associate specializing in Board Director and Executive Search. Having grown up in a family that owns and operates a small business in natural resources, she has a unique understanding of the highs and lows of entrepreneurship, and the challenges faced by boards and executives. Hannah is dedicated to supporting boards in finding the right directors for their needs and assisting in the search for the best CEOs. She ensures that leaders are aligned and focused on the strategic priorities crucial for their success.

What I wish more boards knew

"Succession planning at the board level is crucial for ensuring the sustained effectiveness and continuity of an organization’s governance."

Foolproof move in the boardroom

"Come prepared!"

Reason for doing this work

"I enjoy meeting new people, learning what makes them unique, and building rapport through genuine connections."

Experience and Credentials

  • Human Resources Management Diploma, BCIT (2020)
  • Bachelor of Management, University of British Columbia (2018)

CPHR Candidate

  • Joined Watson in January 2021
  • Provided recruitment support as a Talent Acquisition Representative for Provincial Health Services Authority during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Actively involved in the business community during university and student body, serving as the Vice President, Marketing & Communications for JDC West UBC Okanagan, and the Digital Director for the Management Student Association

Hannah Magus's Areas of Focus

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