Florence Clifford

Client Systems Lead

As Watson’s Client Systems Lead, Florence’s work primarily focuses at the intersection of humans and technology. Her approach to system management and problem-solving is deeply informed by her background in human behavior, driving initiatives that resonate with team values and positively impacts client experiences.

Favorite Saying

“There are no bad questions, only opportunities to grow."

Most Dangerous Myth

“Technology alone can solve our problems." I believe that the integration of human understanding is essential to the impact of technological solutions.

Favourite agenda item

"Discussing new strategies for enhancing user engagement and satisfaction through intuitive system design."

Experience and Credentials

  • UBC Bachelor of Science in Biology and Psychology, with a focus on understanding group dynamics and leadership
  • Joined Watson in February 2017
  • Led a significant multi-system migration and integration project at Watson
  • Actively involved in a women’s leadership organization and the local volleyball community, highlighting her commitment to team spirit and personal development.

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