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Yukon Energy Corporation – President & Chief Executive Officer Search

Update: Search successfully completed, position has been filled!

Established in 1987 to generate and transmit electrical energy in the Yukon, Yukon Energy Corporation (Yukon Energy or YEC) is an electrical utility. As a wholly owned subsidiary of Yukon Development Corporation, which is owned by the Yukon government, Yukon Energy operates arm’s length from government but works very collaboratively with Yukon Development Corporation who represent their interests to government. YEC has a bold vision to be a Canadian leader in sustainable energy by 2030. This ambitious plan was developed in response to the Yukon government’s Our Clean Energy Future strategy that focuses on using electrification to reduce carbon emissions from the Yukon’s heating and transportation sectors. This is both an exciting time and a challenging time for Yukon Energy.

YEC is looking for a highly effective and collaborative President & Chief Executive Officer (President & CEO) who will work with the Board in creating a long-term vision for energy in the Yukon and ensure effective planning and delivery of Yukon Energy’s programs and services to deliver sustainable, cost effective and reliable electricity to more than 21,000 consumers. They will provide strategic leadership for the safe, reliable, and efficient operation of all aspects of an electrical utility and direct corporate goals, business plans, and strategies to ensure the effective planning and delivery of programs and services to achieve the corporate mandate. While an energy background would be beneficial, more important is proven success partnering with First Nations governments on large scale capital projects, a high degree of transparency and political acumen, and the ability to work cooperatively within a complex ownership structure.


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