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International Women’s Day 2020

March 6, 2020

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International Women’s Day 2020

The theme of this year’s International Women’s Day is #EachforEqual – an equal world is an enabled world. This year’s theme is all about individual ownership for challenging stereotypes and bias, broadening perspectives, improving circumstances for women, and celebrating successes.

Here are some ways to practice #EachforEqual and elevate diversity and inclusion in the boardroom:

  • Put the topic on the agenda. Start the conversation on diversity, implicit bias, inclusion, etc. to educate the board and get comfortable talking about equality.
  • Don’t forget the “I” in diversity and inclusion. Once you get different perspectives to the table, be sure to create an atmosphere where they are comfortable and able to thrive (here are some ideas).
  • Advocate for gender-neutral language in board materials. It’s 2020 and she/he is no longer considered inclusive.
  • Accept that we all have implicit bias and do the work to examine what unintentional biases you hold. Take the time to slow your thinking when making decisions and recognize when your implicit bias may creep in.
  • As chair, make sure different people contribute first so it’s not always the same voices shaping the tone and direction of the conversation.
  • Feel like an insightful voice doesn’t have much clout at the table? Be the one to speak up and acknowledge their strengths and contributions. Use your influence to elevate their voice.
  • Educate yourself. Take the time to get to know directors on a personal level (where are they coming from, what’s their background, what shapes their thoughts, what are their life experiences beyond professional credentials).
  • Have a fantastic director or executive team member? Celebrate them within the company, nominate them for an award (here’s one great example), or at the very least tell them why you value their contributions.

What will you do to be #EachforEqual?

Happy International Women’s Day from the WATSON team.