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Governance Professionals Day

March 30, 2023

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March 29, 2023 was National Governance Professionals Day. In celebration, we’re spotlighting some of our colleagues with backgrounds working as governance professionals within organizations. We asked each of them what inspired them to pursue a career in governance and what about it they find most rewarding…


Alicia Williams

At WATSON, Alicia leads and supports governance reviews, board evaluations, director evaluations, policy development, and just in time advice related to board effectiveness and the board’s oversight of human resources, legal and financial matters. Her governance experience spans nearly 15 years, both as a board member and an executive reporting to boards.

“The impact of a board’s decision can reach far beyond the organization that it serves. Through my background as a lawyer and a Chartered Professional Accountant working both with, and on boards, I came to realize just how important a role boards play in our society. And the more I learned through that experience, the more I was inspired to pursue a career in governance.To make progress in some of the most challenging areas that our world is facing, such as DEI and ESG, boards must be engaged. At WATSON, I am fortunate to work with boards that are committed to making our world a better place for everyone.”    

Jodi Butts

Jodi brings more than 20 years’ experience in governance and law, working with public and private corporations, public sector entitles, member-based organizations, regulatory bodies, and not-for-profit organizations. At WATSON, Jodi connects governance with people, strategy, and operations to bring a wealth of practical know-how to boards and executive teams.

“I got my start in governance as General Counsel at Mount Sinai Hospital where the new Chair wanted to drive change in the culture at the Hospital. He knew that needed to include the tone and practices at the top, and I saw first-hand how that shaped the future of the whole organization. The rest for me is history … from joining boards to joining the fabulous WATSON team!”


Manijeh Colabella

With nearly 25 years of experience as a director, corporate secretary and general counsel, and a deep knowledge of emerging governance issues, Manijeh Colabella provides thoughtful insight and expertise to boards and management teams that are practical, effective and enhance their organization’s success.

“I came to governance through my role as a general counsel and corporate secretary for a publicly traded Canadian company. I loved the interaction and collaboration between board and management, particularly on strategic matters that drove the future of the organization, and it’s this strategic, collaborative aspect that led me to WATSON and a full-time career as a board advisor.

 It is very rewarding working with boards and their management teams, guiding them in building healthy dynamics and governance practices as they get ready to shape the futures of their organizations.”

Happy Governance Professionals Day!