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The Intentional Board™

Strengthen your knowledge.  Advance your purpose.

A one-day course for your whole board, the Intentional Board™ is tailored to address topics specific to your board and your organization.  The day begins with WATSON’s foundational principles of Governing with Intention™ followed by an afternoon of customized modules most relevant to your governance challenges.

The Intentional Board™  is perfect for augmenting annual director education plans and board orientation.

Sample Curriculum

Morning Agenda
  • Principles of an intentional approach to governance
  • WATSON’s governance model
  • The legal foundation of your board
  • Director duties and responsibilities

Afternoon Agenda – 2 to 3 of the following modules

  • Leadership in the Boardroom: The Chair-CEO Relationship
  • Evaluation: Enhancing board performance
  • Renewal and Diversity:  Getting the board you need to succeed
  • The Line:  Navigating the grey line between board and management
  • Dynamics:  Creating the culture you want
  • Strategic Perspective:  Elevating the board’s contribution
  • Design Practices:  Building the boardroom you need
  • Boardroom Roles:  Maximizing your key roles


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What Your Board Receives

  • The Intentional Board™ Handbook – a collection of governance practices, templates and insights on specific topics
  • WATSON Views – Articles on emerging governance issues
  • Room at a Glance – A snapshot of your board. Perceptions of your directors’ and board’s governance practices and performance
  • Action Plan (post workshop) – An outline of key actions and ideas generated in the workshop that the board wishes to implement and explore

Bottom line?  Your board will perform better.

We are ready when you are.

Bring WATSON to the table.