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The Chief Governance Officer

Whether called corporate secretary, general counsel, board secretary or board liaison, a chief governance officer elevates your board.

As the prominence of corporate governance requirements in law and practice continues to grow and mature, so does the role and responsibility of governance support for the board.

WATSON believes when you place a strategic governance executive on your team, you ensure that your organization’s governance is executed as effectively and efficiently as possible.

How We Help

Applying the same rigour, discipline and personal touch as we do on an executive search, WATSON can help you:

  • Redefine the role of a strategic governance officer
  • Recruit, screen and evaluate senior governance candidates
  • Select the finalist and negotiate the terms
  • Onboard the new governance professional
  • Ready the organization for the new governance officer
Role of a Chief Governance Officer

Although not called the CGO in every organization, this critical role is recognized as a strategic liaison between the board and management. The CGO is a governance facilitator who, at a glance, ensures the effective delivery of strategic governance, legal and regulatory compliance, record management and public/government relations of the organization.

Who We Recruit
  • Chief Governance Officer
  • Corporate Secretary
  • General Counsel
  • Board Secretary or Liaison

Bottom Line?  You will elevate your governance

Bring a strategic professional to your table.

Talk to WATSON’s search team about how you can enhance your board.

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