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Taylor Mebs

Taylor Mebs is the Academy & Marketing Assistant at WATSON where she supports WATSON’s Academy and Learning programs and firm-wide marketing, ensuring consistency with WATSON’s professional standards, values and strategies.

Prior to joining WATSON, Taylor spent five months travelling throughout Europe, enjoying the different cultures and sights, and especially the great culinary scene.

Previously, Taylor worked at Epicure, on Vancouver Island, where she won Rookie of the Year. Initially hired in Customer Experience, she provided world-class customer service while inspiring, supporting and informing the community through email, chat, and social media. Taylor was quickly promoted to the Sales, Marketing and Communications team. As Sales Coordinator and Writer, she created target marketed emails and daily and bi-monthly field communication emails aimed to drive sales performance, training event attendance, field recognition, and social media presence. She was also responsible for script writing for Epicure’s Annual National Conference. Later, as Marketing and Communications Coordinator, she worked with senior executives to coordinate content and deliverables to support a range of marketing initiatives and campaigns, as well as planning, developing and executing strategic communications to the sales field. She also held the title of Recognition Specialist.

Taylor holds a Bachelors of Arts and Science with Honors from the University of Toronto with a major in Sociology and a minor in Political Science and American Studies. She is a York House School lifer and proudly holds two BC AA Provincial Basketball titles.

When not at WATSON, Taylor takes advantage of the vibrant and accessible outdoors in Vancouver. On a summer weekend, she can be found outside hiking or enjoying the water.


Taylor Mebs

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