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Claire Stimpson

Situated at the WATSON reception desk Claire keeps things running smoothly at WATSON while striving to make anybody in the reception area smile. Her attitude to being given tasks is Claire will find a way! Drawing on her background as a skilled multi-tasker with extensive customer service experience this shows through from answering the phones and ensures clients and guests get a warm WATSON greeting.

When not at the front desk, Claire can be found supporting logistics for WATSON’s on site Academy courses, updating databases and supporting a wide range of administrative tasks. While making sure visiting guests to WATSON have their needs tended to, through to arranging internal events, Claire wears many hats at WATSON (not including her actual hat collection outside of the office).

Claire recently moved to Vancouver in July 2019 from the United Kingdom where she worked for many years as a caterer, pastry chef, and hotel supervisor before moving into senior support and administrative roles.


Claire Stimpson

Direct: 604.283.6448