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United Flower Growers – Executive Director, Stakeholder Relations & Industry Growth

Update: Search successfully completed, position has been filled!

United Flower Growers (UFG) is a cooperative association of flower grower members that was established in 1963. UFG runs a spot market flower auction three times a week and also manages grower arranged greenhouse and direct sales whereby product is sold through its technology and is either delivered to UFG for pick up or goes direct from the grower to the customer. In 2015, UFG reorganized into two companies and created a for-profit corporation – United Flower Holdings (UFH). UFH is owned by different shareholders than the co-op and is in the business of distributing flowers, supplies, and giftware to retail floral businesses, wholesalers, and grocery stores. There is a Master Agreement that governs the relationship between UFG and UFH and includes the use of space, sale of imported flowers, sharing of executive and some other employees, and other cost sharing principles.

Currently, there is a Chief Executive Officer (CEO) who is responsible for both UFH and UFG. The Board of Directors of UFH want the CEO to focus solely on growing UFH, and the UFG Board agrees that now is the time to implement a succession plan for its leadership. As such, a new role of Executive Director, Stakeholder Relations & Industry Growth has been created that will eventually evolve into becoming the CEO of UFG. The Executive Director, Stakeholder Relations & Industry Growth will engage regularly with growers and buyers to ensure the right products are being grown and seek out other opportunities to increase buyer engagement and demand, which they will share with growers. A stronger focus on government relations and advocacy, connecting with the growers, and keeping abreast of trends is required. They will research and analyse opportunities to ensure that the auction remains relevant and prepare a multi-year strategy that will move UFG forward in realizing the Board’s vision. They will also develop key performance indicators and keep the Board informed of the progress being made against plan.

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