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Greater Vancouver Food Bank – Board Directors Search

Update: Search successfully completed, position has been filled!

Since 1983, the Greater Vancouver Food Bank (GVFB) has been providing food to community members in Vancouver, Burnaby, New Westminster, and North Vancouver. While it was originally established to provide temporary hunger relief, the need for food support has continued to grow. From 2020 – 2021, the GVFB supported 16,133 people: 25% were children, 58% were adults and 17% were seniors. The GVFB also provides food support to 119 Community Agency Partners (CAPs) such as housing agencies, women and children’s shelters, and after-school programs, who in turn provide hot meals and snacks to thousands of people each week including those struggling with homelessness. As demand for food support grows, it is imperative that the GVFB is strongly positioned to continue its service and meet its community clients’ food support needs.

The GVFB Board of Directors (Board) supports the work of the GVFB and provides leadership and strategic governance. The Board’s primary responsibilities include safeguarding the assets and overseeing the management and affairs of the GVFB including setting, approving, and monitoring the GVFB’s strategy and performance, and ensuring there is an effective and appropriate enterprise risk management framework. The Board is seeking four new Directors who will be able to contribute on a wide range of business issues and bring a strategic perspective, as well as play a role in creating a constructive boardroom style. Preferred candidates will have the experience and availability to fill leadership positions on the Board. Within this context, priority experience for the position includes broad business acumen, fundraising/community development, stakeholder relations and engagement, governance, information technology/cyber security/privacy, lived experience, and real estate development/project management/facilities.

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