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EMBERS – Director of Expansion Search

EMBERS is a registered Canadian charity whose mission is to create economic opportunities for people transitioning into the workforce by providing them jobs, training, and support. EMBERS seeks to empower individuals into economic self-sufficiency so that they can build their best future. Since 2001, EMBERS has provided a comprehensive array of job placements and support services that address the full employment continuum, from preemployment to sustainable employment. To date, EMBERS has focused its resources primarily on creating sustainable employment in the real estate construction sector in BC’s Lower Mainland. It is now evident there is opportunity to expand EMBERS’ operations both geographically and into adjacent sectors. With this in mind, the newly created role of Director of Expansion has been created to investigate and pursue new opportunities for EMBERS to make an even larger contribution to Canadian society.

Initially based in Vancouver, the Director of Expansion will start by leading a growth and diversification strategy in the existing operating region. Building on regional expansion within BC, the Director of Expansion will be expected to begin pursuing opportunities in markets outside of the province, targeting high growth geographic areas in Canada with a strong focus on building new business partnerships, as well as public and community partnerships. EMBERS’ goal is to realize impact on the ground and drive collective wins by engaging with multiple stakeholders. The ideal candidate will come to the role with the passion to drive real change in the lives of marginalized communities and the enthusiasm and skills to scale the business nationally.

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