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Arrowleaf Real Estate Holdings Ltd. – Independent Director Recruitment

Update: Search successfully completed, position has been filled!

Arrowleaf Real Estate Holdings Ltd. (Arrowleaf) is part of the Foord family enterprise, based in Vernon, British Columbia. As opportunities in the real estate sector are expected to become an increasing focus, and in order to coordinate its activity in the sector, the Foord family determined the benefit of establishing Arrowleaf, with a Board of Directors (Board) on which both family and independent directors serve. The Board is responsible to promote a strong, viable, and competitive real estate company operating with honesty and integrity, and to supervise management to ensure the business and affairs of the company are conducted in the best interests of the company and its shareholders.

The Board is seeking experienced real estate leaders who will be able to contribute on a broad range of business issues and bring a strategic perspective, as well as play a role in creating a constructive boardroom style. They will be fully committed to the success of the company and the shareholders, and be ready, willing, and able to put in the required time to learn their job, get to know the organization and the shareholders, prepare for meetings, and participate fully as part of the Board and committees. The ideal Director will understand the legal structure and dynamics associated with a large complex business that is family owned, second/third generation. Within this context, current priorities include real estate development experience, intimate knowledge of the Western Canada real estate market (particularly BC and Alberta), and a family business background.

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