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Engineers and Geoscientists BC – 2023 Call for Nominations

Engineers and Geoscientists BC is governed by a board of elected registrants and government appointees and is accountable to the public, overseeing the governance and management of the organization. The organization’s Nomination Committee is responsible for selecting candidates to stand for election to the Board, following a merit-based process that seeks strong and diverse leaders that reflect the organization’s registrant base. Service as a Board Member is an exceptional leadership opportunity. This continues to be a transformative time for Engineers and Geoscientists BC as the organization implements and adapts to new legislation, continues work to enhance diversity, equity and inclusion, and focuses on implementing its new 5-year strategic plan.

Members wishing to put their name forward for consideration are required to complete and submit an online Prospective Nominee Form by Monday, March 13, 2023 at 5:00pm PST. 

For more information on the nomination process and how to apply, click here.

For more information on Engineers and Geoscientists BC, visit their website here.


First Nations Market Housing Fund – Chief Executive Officer Search

The First Nations Market Housing Fund (the Fund) was established on March 31, 2008 as a self-sustaining, independent and not-for-profit trust. The Fund’s mandate is to facilitate access to financing for loan-based housing in First Nations communities and to increase the capacity of First Nations seeking to expand housing on reserve.

Under the leadership of a newly constituted Indigenous Board of Trustees with a strong business mindset, the Fund is embarking on developing a reform and revitalization strategy that will result in a total reset of the Fund. This will include re-evaluating the Fund’s purpose, mandate and governance structures, and transitioning the Fund to an autonomous organization that is operated by and for First Nations. The Fund was under the leadership of an Executive Director who had been with the organization since its inception. She recently left the Fund and the Board has elevated the role to a Chief Executive Officer (CEO) to reflect a new focus on strategy and innovation versus administration.

This is an exciting opportunity for an exceptional CEO, who is preferably Indigenous, with a clear passion for the Fund’s mandate. The CEO will be a compelling communicator who can lead the organization on its reform and transformation journey and succeed in achieving a significant increase in First Nations home ownership through innovative programs and services.

For more information on the role and how to apply, click here.


Alzheimer Society of British Columbia – Chief Operating Officer Search

The Alzheimer Society of British Columbia (ASBC) is a partner member of the Alzheimer Society Federation and the local go-to resource for knowledge on dementia and current research. ASBC recruited a new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) in 2020 with a mandate to modernize the organization, develop and deliver new programs and services, and extend its reach. Last year, a new hybrid model of programming was launched that provides greater access to services to the approximately 85,000 people who are living with dementia in BC. A new organizational structure was recently developed, which resulted in elevating the previous Director of Operations position to a Chief Operating Officer (COO) role.

The COO will work closely with the CEO and other senior leaders to implement and operationalize strategies to ensure execution of the Society’s overarching strategic plan. They will lead a number of high impact projects such as implementing a learning management system. Operationally focused, they will continually evolve and optimize ASBC’s internal infrastructure, systems, and processes to ensure the organization supports the increased need for programs and services as those living with dementia increase. They will work as a team player representing assigned functions at the senior leadership table.

For more information on the role and how to apply, click here.


Canadian Public Accountability Board – Board Director Recruitment

As Canada’s audit regulator charged with protecting the investing public’s interests, Canadian Public Accountability Board (CPAB) oversees public accounting firms that audit Canadian reporting issuers. It promotes audit quality through proactive regulation, robust audit assessments, dialogue with domestic and international stakeholders, and practicable insights that inform capital market participants and contribute to public confidence in the integrity of financial reporting. CPAB’s Board is comprised of a range of nine to eleven members, all of whom are appointed by the Council of Governors, whom has primary oversight responsibility for CPAB. At least three must be professional accountants to ensure the Board has directors with accounting expertise, however, there shall always be more non-accountant than accountant directors.

The Board believes its current size and range of skills are appropriate and foster dialogue, substantive decision-making, and effective oversight. CPAB’s Board nominates new director candidates for consideration by the Council, which considers them and consults with the Provincial Audit Regulator Members before making appointments. Appointments are staggered to ensure reasonable rotation. One of CPAB’s primary objectives through this recruitment process is to broaden representation of individuals from underrepresented and marginalized backgrounds, identities, and lived experiences. CPAB continues to work towards ensuring diversity of thought, experience, and perspective at the board table to best fulfill its mandate.

For more information and details on how to apply, click here.

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