Boards are our business

Outsourced Corporate Secretary Service

Show up and make the big decisions. We’ll take care of the rest.

Effective decision-making relies on strong support. WATSON’s meeting support lets your board focus on making well-informed decisions to advance your organization’s performance and purpose.

What we do

Assess Your Current Practices

WATSON always starts with the big picture from observing a full board cycle and attending board and committee meetings to reviewing all relevant documents and how agendas are created.  From there, we work with you to develop an action plan on how to best advance your performance.

Legal and Governance Counsel

Just-in-time legal and governance advice before, during and after your board meetings.  Strategic advisors when you need it most, without the cost of full-time in-house legal counsel.

Notes & Records

WATSON acts as recording secretary, drafting, coordinating and organizing board and committee meeting packages. We prepare minutes, and lead the follow-up on action items.




Our corporate secretaries guide management to provide the right information to the board.  We maintain up-to-date corporate records and minute books.  WATSON ensures your board and committees fulfill their mandates.

Board & Management Liaison

WATSON is a strategic liaison. We bring our objective perspective and first class communication skills to the table to facilitate productive board and management relationships.

Schedule & Coordinate

WATSON corporate secretaries schedule meetings, manage calendars, streamline board packages.  We set the table for a more effective and productive meeting.


Bottom line? Your meetings are better, your board is better.

Bring our years of legal and governance expertise to the table.

Invite a WATSON corporate secretary to your next meeting.

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