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WATSON Presents at WNorth’s January Workshop

January 8, 2021

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Sharon Rudy, WATSON Board Director & Executive Search Practice co-lead, and Natasha Himer, Senior Governace Consultant, will share their thoughts and experience at WNorths’ Fireside Chat, “Getting On Board”, on January 22, 2021.

Sharon and Natasha answer the age-old governance question and help you identify your director value proposition – what skills, strengths, and experience will make you stand out as a candidate, deconstruct what kind of board you want to join and how to start your search.

During the interactive session we will explore:

  • What boards are looking for in potential directors
  • An honest assessment of why you want to serve
  • What to know about how directors get on boards
  • What to do to begin to be thought of as a potential director
  • How to stay on a board

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