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WATSON Partners with Compensation Governance Partners

October 30, 2019

Posted in: WATSON Speaks

WATSON is pleased to announce our partnership with Compensation Governance Partners (CGP) to host a webinar ‘A Fresh Look at the HRC: An Evolving Mandate & Approach for 2020’.  WATSON’s Rachel O’Connor and Chris Chen of CGP will co-host.



In an increasingly complex world, organizations know that they need the right leadership and culture in order to succeed. The importance of the Human Resources Committee (HRC) is on the rise, evolving from a primary focus on compensation to a broader mandate that carries significant weight.

When organizations recognize that people are key to both risk and success, the HRC is increasingly asked to lead the Board’s oversight of culture, leadership and talent. How has the work of the HRC expanded beyond a traditional focus on the CEO?  What are the practical aspects of CEO performance, compensation and succession? How does the HRC of today and the future best position itself to do this important work? What trends do we see in HRC mandate, composition/skills, practices and committee compensation?

Join us on November 14 to explore these questions and others.


The webinar is at noon EST/ 9am Pacific on November 14th at noon EST. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER.