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WATSON Delivers 2016 CSAE Governance Forum

October 24, 2016

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Believe in the importance of good governance? We’ve seen firsthand the difference a great board can have on an organization’s performance. WATSON is proud to partner with the Canadian Society of Association Executives to deliver the 2016 CSAE Governance Forum in Toronto (October 25) and Vancouver (November 29).

We will be sharing trends and pressure points we’ve gleaned in the board rooms of some of Canada’s largest and most effective boards. This one-day workshop hones in on six key topics:

  1. The principles of an intentional approach to governance
  2. Directors’ legal duties
  3. Maximizing contributions of key roles of the board and management team
  4. Taking ownership of board renewal – from recruitment to education
  5. CEO evaluation and succession
  6. Upping the board’s strategic perspective and how to navigate the grey line between the board and management

The workshop is ideal for executives, members, their senior staff and directors and chairs of association boards. Open to both CSAE members and non-members. Register here.

Liz and Bradley are ready to shift the conversation on good governance. Are you?