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International Women’s Day 2019

March 8, 2019

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How do you #BalanceforBetter?

The theme of this year’s International Women’s Day is #BalanceforBetter – better the balance, better the world. With this laudable theme in mind, we asked the WATSON Senior Leadership Team to share one thing leaders can do to better the balance. Here’s what they had to say.

Jane Butterfield, Senior Governance Consultant: Take younger women under your wing and mentor them. Support their growth and development through mentorship, guidance, and sponsorship.

Suzie Cho, Academy and Learning Practice Lead: Provide noteworthy projects to women as a platform to show their value. Be intentional in uncovering skills that may fall outside an employee’s job description and find meaningful opportunities to showcase these unique strengths.

John Jennings, Search Practice Co-Lead: It takes work to ensure that decisions are made without risk of bias. Approach assignments as they do blind auditions in a symphony so that gender isn’t a factor – it’s just a question of performance.

Rachel O’Connor, Leadership and Performance Practice Lead: Make your workplace a place where people can bring their whole self to work, a place that embraces the value of different life stages, ways of thinking, and ways of leading. Celebrate diversity and allow people to contribute value in different ways.

Barb Schimnowsky, Search Practice Co-Lead: Take off your own lens and take your cues from women – don’t assume someone can’t travel or work late because they’re a parent. And where possible, let people control their own schedules.

Liz Watson, CEO and Founder: Assume women can do the job. We often hear boards ask for “qualified women” but never “qualified men”. Recognize and recalibrate your unconscious bias if it’s not serving women in the workplace or the boardroom.


“Balance is not a women’s issues, it’s a business issue.” We believe balance drives better boards and better organizations.

Happy International Women’s Day from the WATSON team.