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Public Sector and Taxpayer Accountability Principles (TAP) – Directors, are you ready to sign?

June 26, 2015

Posted in: WATSON Speaks

Liz Watson, QC was the keynote speaker on June 24, 2015 at the Ministry of Finance, Crown Board of Directors Professional Development Meeting in Vancouver, BC. Liz outlined a six-step approach to ensure decisions and actions of public sector organizations reflect the priorities and values of both the government and their shareholders – BC citizens.

Recognizing that public sector organizations have a higher accountability to the taxpayer, TAP puts into motion a series of actions that have a direct impact on boards and individual directors including the requirement that the new mandate letter is agreed to and signed by all directors. Implementing TAP requires Crowns to evaluate their current practices against government expectations and to improve structure, practice and results where gaps exist.

Click here to:

  1. Learn more about the BC Government framework and standards for public sector governance
  2. Check your personal awareness and your board’s adherence against a list of BC Government best practice standards with WATSON’s Check Your Standards Rating Card
  3. Find out how a six-step process can help you and your organization meet TAP standards by reviewing and revitalizing governance practices