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Are you Ready for the Boardroom?

November 10, 2017

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As keynote speaker at the Women’s Leadership Circle event on October 11, Liz digs into the principles of good governance and how to become more board ready. With today’s increased focus on diversity in the boardroom and evolving governance best practice standards that advocate for term limits and regular

turnover, many executives and community leaders are considering board service as a viable element of a successful career path or as a potential career in and of itself. However, landing your first or subsequent board position can be elusive.

Liz shares her perspectives on the challenges and opportunities of board service in today’s environment and tips for anyone thinking about board positions, now or in the future. During the workshop, participants can consider:

  1. What do you need to do to be board-ready?
  2. What are your best networking tips?
  3. What questions should you ask before joining a board?

The Women’s Leadership Circle (WLC) is an inclusive program that works to promote increased diversity in the B.C. business community. Launched in 2007, the WLC has grown to become one of Canada’s largest women’s business networking groups.