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20 Questions — Building and Sustaining an Effective Board by Elizabeth Watson, Q.C.

June 23, 2015

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Are you currently serving on a board? Thinking about accepting a directorship? Or interested in learning more about what such a commitment entails? Are you in a governance role and interested in building and sustaining an effective board?

You’ll want to read CPA Canada’s newly released 20 Questions Directors Should Ask about Building and Sustaining an Effective Board, authored by Elizabeth Watson, QC

Informed by WATSON’s deep expertise in governance and years of advising hundreds of individual directors, boards and organizations, 20 Questions sets out the best current thinking on:

  • recruitment and retention of board members,
  • board renewal,
  • setting term limits,
    the meaning of “diversity” and how to achieve it,
  • directorial independence, and a range of other topics.

The most significant contributor to a high performing board is the quality and experience of individuals serving on the board and the way they work together. Practical, insightful and informative, 20 Questions – Building and Sustaining an Effective Board guides you through the various stages of a board’s evolution from creation through to renewal.

Directors, aspiring directors, shareholders and others who want to explore, refresh, or deepen their understanding of how board composition impacts an organization’s ability to meet its strategic objectives, can download this practical and comprehensive document here.